Murray discusses the reasons for his decision to donate all of his winnings.

This week, the three-time Grand Slam champion is competing at the Citi Open, and the competition said they would double his winnings for a charitable contribution.

the remainder of his season's earnings to Ukraine UNICEF Aid in order to aid children who were harmed by the Russian invasion.

Prior to the Citi Open, a hard court competition that gets underway on Monday, the 35-year-old talked openly about his ongoing advocacy. 

He wants to be sure that everyone is still aware of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, which began in mid-February with a Russian invasion.

According to Murray, who was quoted by Ben Rothenberg of Racquet Magazine, "It's not the top thing on the news every day like it was back then."

You can't ignore this, I repeat. It still continues. Children are continually being forced to abandon their homes and people are still dying in incredibly awful circumstances.

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