NASCAR World Reacts to Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Car Going Viral

As part of "Racetrack Revival," Dale Earnhardt Jr. will compete in a late model race at North Wilkesboro Speedway later this month.

Earnhardt last participated in a late model event in 1997. Later this month, he'll make his triumphant comeback driving the No. 3 Sun Drop vehicle.

For Earnhardt, competing in a Sun Drop car will be nothing new. However, it will bring back memories of that year, 1993.

Earnhardt stated, "I've worked with Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola before that. But there was always a Sun Drop in the fridge at my grandmother's place. 

The other companies I've worked with have names that are well known across the country. However, Sun Drop has always served as both our house team and a well-kept North Carolina secret.

When Jeff Gluck of The Athletic showed a sneak peek at Earnhardt's car on Tuesday morning, NASCAR fans cheered.On August 31, Earnhardt will compete.

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