Newsom, Bonta way ahead as California voters lean partisan

In two of California's most crucial primaries, voters will likely stay with their political inclinations, giving Gavin Newsom and Rob Bonta an easy leg up in the June 7 election.

Newsom's large advantage means he'll overwhelm the field of 25 competitors in next week's governor primary and that no contender has enough support to pose a real danger in the Nov. 8  election.

According to the poll, half of likely voters back Newsom. This includes 83% of Democrats and 46% of people who say they have "no party preference."

46% of likely voters back Bonta in the contest for California's top officer. Bonta was selected by Newsom last year and is vying for a four-year term.

Alex Padilla, appointed by Newsom less than two years ago, likewise has a considerable advantage. 44% of probable voters favor him, compared to 14% for conservative Republican attorney Mark Meuser.

Republican political expert Christy Wilson said Newsom "essentially won his reelection when he fought the recall" in September, thus no big-name competitors emerged for his 2022 candidacy.

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