NFL World Reacts to the Joe Burrow News from Saturday

Joe Burrow, the standout quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, has yet to make a return date public according to head coach Zac Taylor.

Taylor responded as follows when questioned about Burrow's anticipated return to the field during a press conference on Saturday:

"I do not have a schedule. We're just trying to give him some privacy, you know. He'll return whenever he's prepared, I have no doubt."

The NFL community responded to this news on Twitter.One supporter commented, "So he won't play in the preseason so same as last year."

Burrow had surgery to remove his appendix earlier this week. Burrow guided the Bengals to a Super Bowl participation this past season.

"An appendectomy typically takes 2-4 weeks. Joe Burrow won't get struck during practise, so he'll start throwing as soon as he's able.

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