NFL's failure to protect women exonerated Deshaun Watson.

He won. Losing. He winked. The independent disciplinarian's decision was awful and predictable. The NFL bans 24 players for six games for sexual misconduct.

Sue L. Robinson, a former U.S. district judge, brought out a feather and tickled Watson's wrist. After more than a year of accusations that he's a remorseless creep around female massage

 therapists, the Cleveland Browns quarterback is one step closer to exiting from a disaster he made better off than before.
He won, thus the NFL's remaining integrity lost.

He won, thus Aug. 1, 2022 must be a dark day in pro football history.
Women lost because he triumphed. Again.
Deshaun Watson's six-game suspension

Personal behaviour policies are meant for situations like these. Now that the NFL and its players union have moved from Roger Goodell's almighty kangaroo court to third-party judgement

Her weird judgement comes from overthinking the league's logic. NFL weeds are difficult but intriguing, so Robinson went easy on Watson while acknowledging the NFL made its point.

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