Observe as a soccer player gets detained on the field for assaulting a female official.

Over the weekend, a soccer game in Argentina descended into chaos when one of the players viciously struck an innocent female referee in the head from behind before being detained on the field.

Cristian Tirone, a player for Argentina's Club Deportivo Garmense in the third tier, received a yellow card from referee Dalma Cortadi after a foul was committed toward the middle of the field.

Tirone was initially restrained and calmed down by several of his colleagues, but ultimately he escaped and rushed straight for Cortadi.

Tirone punched the unaware referee in the head with such force that she turned her back on him.

Following the assault, police quickly located and detained Tirone on the playing field. Cortadi, on the other hand, was transported to the hospital where

according to the New York Post, she spent several hours before being subsequently released with only scrapes and bruises. She later charged Tirone with a crime for the assault.

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