Pan-Fried Potato Frikadellen Recipe from Germany

This German Frikadellen Recipe is a must-try! With a side of skillet fried potatoes, this is a one-pot supper that the whole family will devour quickly.

Fried meatballs, or frikadellen, are a common meal in Germany.

Flat hamburger steaks cooked in a skillet or in a potato salad are a common accompaniment to skillet potatoes.

It is said that the American burger and fries owe its existence to them. An easy evening supper or an excellent snack, it's ideal for busy families.

Using stale German bread and a raw onion in the traditional recipe was a terrific way to get rid of some of the food that would otherwise go to waste.

 A finely chopped onion, possibly even sautéed in butter before frying the bread, was essential.

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