Paul McCartney, 80: Fun-loving fashion

Paul McCartney, a former Beatle, is known for his huge contributions to music, but he also has a well-known love of fashion.

The late Linda McCartney, an American photographer and the musician's first wife, captured McCartney's goofy and frolicsome 1970s long-lapel shirts and bright knitted sweater vests.

His sartorial choices reflect his life and times. From Beatlemania through his solo career, he wore stylish '60s outfits.

McCartney wore a velvet-trimmed tuxedo jacket, bare breast, and bow-tie necklace for the 1973 James Bond film "Live and Let Die."

McCartney was pictured on airport runways wearing purple-lens aviator sunglasses or Western shirts with a youngster on his hip.

Linda recorded the musician's off-stage attire of fisherman knits, wellington boots, and flying jackets.

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