Period headaches: why?

The week before a period and the first few days of a monthly cycle might be rough. Your body goes through a lot before your menstruation. 

You may be bloated, nervous, and achy. Dizziness and headaches are common among women.

Many women have been experiencing these monthly fluctuations since adolescence. Premenstrual syndrome symptoms are nearly expected (PMS).

Extreme symptoms include unpredictable mood swings, severe sadness, or strong aches and pains need medical attention.

Before your period, your body undergoes various changes. Migraines, one of the most prevalent headaches, are probable at this period.

Your hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are altering to induce your menstruation. Both hormones decline as your menstruation approaches, but estrogen lowers significantly.

Menstrual migraines result. Menstrual migraines cause pounding on one side of the brain and an aura. You may feel light-sensitive, sick, and dizzy.

Doctors might give a prophylactic medication for period headaches. Beta blockers, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and magnesium are common medications.

Eat three meals and healthy snacks daily. Salt, sugar, and preservatives all cause headaches.

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