Plastic Objects From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Are Scooped Up by Researchers

In the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the greatest concentration of ocean plastic in the world.

 The crew of a ship belonging to the organisation Ocean Voyages Institute made an interesting find while cleaning up rubbish.

This is a huge concern, and at this point, we're not even sure what we're discovering.

According to the crew's interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, they came across what seemed to be "strange plastic floating things."

A 20-foot-by-6-foot item was too large for the ship's cargo hold. It weighed around 3.5 tonnes, according to the article, and the crew is still trying to find out what it was.

In an interview with the Chronicle, Locky MacLean said the tank "nearly looks like a fibreglass or plastic tank that came off a fishing trawler."

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