Pokéfans discuss their favourite 'Pokémon' locations

Due to its distinct environment and Pokémon species, the Pokémon world is huge. Fans choose the best spot to dwell in this fictitious world's distinct locations.

Reddit user u/ShaqiriTheLord asked r/Pokémon fans where they'd live if they could. They'd dwell at a hidden base in Lilycove, Hoenn, they said.

Fans offered their dream living places. Cerulean City in Kanto is a "beautiful contemporary suburb" with "excellent security," observed one Reddit member.

One PokéFan claimed to be an expert diver and that Sootopolis in Hoenn would be their dream home.

Fans have chosen Alola as their "dream destination" because it offers urban and rural lives. One fan cautioned them about the region's seasonal economy.

Multiple fans have picked high-activity locales like Hoenn's Slateport City and Johto's Olivine City.
Due to its cultural, social, and geographical links to the UK, fans selected Galar.

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