Proper Way to Drink Tequila

Tequila's rebranding in the past decade is unparalleled. Long restricted to party shots and sugary margarita mixes, consumers are now enjoying tequila alone.

This progress is partly owing to 100% blue weber agave-based beverages, which give structure and elegance not seen in sugar-spiked mixtos.

High-end tequila sales have tripled since 2012. If you're still sipping tequila from a shot glass, you need better stemware.

Tequila has been misrepresented to consumers for years. It was a cheap and simple way to celebrate. Consumers were more interested in the spirit's effects than its taste.

Ganzoni suggests appreciating the category's scents and sensations to rediscover it. The flute has quietly become the ideal format for delivering the most valued agave spirits.

"You can't smell or taste the alcohol in a shot glass," she explains. "In a flute, the smells rise to the top and may be enjoyed. They expand and provide herbaceous, earthy agave aromas."

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