Quordle #190 answers and hints

Quordle is a popular puzzle game. This online game's puzzling answers have made it popular. Wordle-like, but with distinct rules.

Both games involve guessing puzzle words.
In Wordle, we guess one word. Quordle requires four words. Five-letter words are used.

Quordle was once considered a clone of online word-guessing games. Quordle rapidly proved to be unusual and addicting. Once you master the basics, this puzzle game is addicting.

Quordle rules.Nine chances to guess all four words.Word tiles change colour based on your assumption.

No word contains the letter grey.Yellow: right letter, improper place.Green: right letter.

Quordle puts guessed letters in all words. Sometimes the last word is guessed before the first.
The trick is to guess vowel-heavy words. 

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