Malpua is a delicious summer dessert.

Indians adore sweets. We desire them more in summer. Summer heat makes us want cold, tasty, soul-satisfying foods.

Indian delicacies have their own distinct way of comforting us. Malpua is a favorite dessert.

This delicious dessert is sometimes called a "Indian pancake," and it tastes amazing.

This mix will make you drool. Fluffy rice flour malpuas are covered with ghee, sugar syrup, and rabri. Yum, right?

Rabri Malpua is a summertime favorite. It's delicious with chopped pistachios.

First, make rabri. Boil milk first. Mix in 1 cup sugar. Add saffron, pistachios, almonds, and cardamom powder to the milk and stir well.

Next, boil sugar and water to make sugar syrup. Boil water and add saffron, cardamom, and almonds.

Maida, sooji, khoya, powdered sugar, saunf, and water produce malpua. Combine everything. Add water until the mixture is creamy.

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