Rajma varieties present in India

Let's start with the most popular Rajma variety, Red Kidney Beans. This Rajma is extremely hard and strong, so much so that it retains its shape even after hours of cooking! 

Red rajma has a low glycemic index, making it a better option for diabetics to consume. Red rajma has a high fibre content and is also high in iron.

Chitra Rajma is a reddish-brown colour with spottings, as the name suggests. 

The delicate crimson lines running down the white surface of the beans make it so lovely to look at, and the name pretty much justifies itself.

Pinto beans have a similar appearance to red rajma, but are lighter in colour and have a smoother texture. Although it's more common in Mexican and American cuisines

This is the smaller and glossier variant of the red rajma, which is grown in the Jammu-Kashmir region. Even in terms of flavour, these are very identical to the red ones.

Rice types in India

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