Raw peanuts are used to make Lakhpati.

Farmers are delighted sowing some other things in the Kharif season, aside from paddy and maize farming,

The government also contributes to this by assisting farmers in moving forward. The government is currently attempting to get farmers to plant peanut trees. 

Farmers are also quite satisfied by cultivating peanuts in such a circumstance. In many Indian states, farmers are cultivating groundnut on a vast basis.

Let us tell you that if you want to grow a nice crop of groundnuts, you'll need light yellow loamy soil.

There should be a sufficient drainage system in place in the field during this time, as there is a risk of crop rot due to water logging. Its cultivation is more common in hotter climates.

Only harvest the groundnut crop when the leaves begin to fall after ripening. During this process, keep in mind that if the inner pod is hard 

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