4 well-known RegTech companies in the US

RegTech uses AI, big data, and blockchain to decrease financial risk, boost compliance, and eradicate fraud and laundering. RegTech is affecting regulatory compliance.

RegTech aims to change the regulatory environment by bringing innovative digital solutions to finance sector compliance needs.

RegTech businesses have grown rapidly in the previous two years as financial institutions dealt with remote working, a growing flood of regulatory laws and adjustments.

RegTech businesses provide regulators and financial institutions with software technologies to execute and monitor financial legislation.


Alloy helps banks and FinTech firms decrease consumer friction by looking beyond address and SSN. Alloy makes banking accessible to anyone.


Blockchain data platform Chainalysis. Over 70 nations use their data, software, services, and research.


With its technology-enabled and SaaS solutions, Exiger is changing the way that businesses, government agencies, and banks handle risk.


Forter is digital commerce's Trust Platform. With Forter, businesses can make precise, real-time judgments about every digital encounter to increase revenue and avoid fraud and abuse.

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