Rules Coca-Cola Employees 

This is a big worldwide corporate organization. Statista says the firm has about 80,000 workers and was founded in 1892.

To keep such a massive business functioning properly, Coca-Cola staff must observe a number of regulations, some of which are very strange.

Staff on Quora report that Coca-Cola employees are barred from drinking rivals' drinks while on the clock.

They are not allowed to consume Pepsi.

Including full-time and part-time employees at all levels of the Company, including the executive suite."

Code of behavior for Coca-Cola employees

Workers at Coca-Cola are required to be on time for every shift and will be fined if they don't.

 There is a strict attendance policy

An ex-Coca-Cola employee remarked on Quora that employees "cannot be cited in any media".

No media interviews for employees

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