New research may explain life's beginnings on Earth.

First lifeforms on Earth may have formed in nutrient-rich primordial soup billions of years ago. Hydrothermal vents may have helped create life's building components.

The precise responses at that time are a scientific enigma. Now, Scripps scientists have created their own in Earth's early phases of life. 

Cyanide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and alpha-keto acids were used. When scientists blended these materials,amino acids,  of life-sustaining compounds. 

Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy, the study's principal author, claimed it was easier than expected. If you combine keto acid, cyanide, and ammonia, nothing happens.

Their combination replicates how amino acids and  real cells, say the researchers.  enzymes in living cells; enzymes  happene interactions  combination to better comprehend life on Earth.

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