Ronda Rousey's WWE Suspension Is For This Reason

The WWE has again again suspended Ronda Rousey. Old UFC star and "baddest woman on the earth".

Alexa Bliss was originally suspended for 30 days when she power-slammed her former instructor, Kurt Angle, in 2018. 

 It's true that the whole incident was manufactured, but it doesn't excuse Rousey's punishment.

 At the moment, Angle said in a tweet, "Unfortunately Ronda crossed the line tonight. In the event that Ronda can't take a few verbal'shots,' she ought to rethink her future in sports entertainment.

 WWE Hall of Famer said he felt some "regret" in suspending Rousey, but he was hoping it would at least teach her a lesson.

When she and husband Travis Browne wanted to create a kid, Rousey chose to take an extended vacation from the arena.

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