Rumor Has It That The Lakers Are Waiting Until the Deadline to Trade Russell Westbrook

If the Lakers decide to wait until the deadline, guard Russell Westbrook might have a chance to play this season.

As several trade offers continue to surface, more speculations about Lakers guard Russell Westbrook are being spread.

Westbrook had a disappointing season with the Lakers, but if the franchise waits, any deal might be better for them.

Westbrook has a large contract, which has led numerous teams to bargain for sizeable lottery picks in exchange for taking on his $47.1 million expiring contract.

Because of this, at least one observer has speculated that the Lakers would hold off on trading for Russ until the NBA trade deadline.

Teams may be enticed by Westbrook's play to send over players who are looking for a trade as the Lakers would gobble up half the salary.

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