Foods You Can Safely Eat Past the Expiration Date!


If you store yogurt below 40° F / 5° C, it's okay to consume for 1 to 2 weeks beyond the "sell by" date. Older yogurt tastes stronger, but when it tastes sour or changes appearance, toss it.

Fresh Pasta

Unopened, refrigerated uncooked pasta may be consumed 7-10 days beyond the use by date.


Raw eggs will keep for approximately 3 weeks beyond their "sell by," "use by," "best by," or "expiration" date if refrigerated and not cracked or broken.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs may be stored 10 days over their expiry date if unopened. Check for strong or odd odors before eating. If so, to be safe, trash them.

Shelf-stable pasteurized milk

 It's better for the environment and may be stored for 6 months unopened at room temperature. Milk can be refrigerated for 1-2 weeks once opened.

Boxed soups & purees

Unopened cartons and cans of soup will keep at top quality for 3-5 years beyond their use by date if kept in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight.

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