Salads with Potatoes

Salad with Potatoes and YogurtThis delicious salad is a must-try for yoghurt fans! Boiled potatoes are soaked in thick yoghurt and topped with a cumin seed tadka.

To give the potatoes a sweet and sour flavour, boiling baby potatoes are complemented with gherkins and capers in this delectable salad.

This salad is all about the creaminess, as the name says! To give the potato the salad's trademark smoothness, a mayonnaise and cream dressing was made.

Salad with Eggs and Potatoes
This high-protein salad has boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, gherkins, parsley, and chives, which provide the nutrients of eggs.

Salad de Pommes FritesThis classic potato salad is frequently served as a side dish at buffets, but now that you know the recipe, you can make it at home as well! 

This refreshing and flavorful salad is made with baked potatoes, onions, mustard seeds, and yoghurt.

How To Make Tawa Pulao

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