Scientists warn of dangerous garden 'froth'

Scientists are telling people to keep an eye out for a "strange froth" that could show up in their gardens this summer and to report it if they see it.

Families are being warned that any foam-like material in their gardens might be fatal.

It comes after a mom warned about a "dangerous" plant hiding in gardens, and now there is something else to watch out for when doing the gardening.

This new warning is about a mucus that is said to come from an insect called a Spittlebug and could carry a disease called Xyella.

This is especially dangerous because if it spreads to other plants, it could wipe out all native plant species in the UK.

The spittlebug is the carrier and has ravaged olive trees in Italy in recent years. Experts call Xyella "one of the world's most hazardous diseases."

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