Scientists are baffled by the discovery of 2,500-meter-deep holes in the Atlantic Ocean.

Discovered in the Atlantic Ocean by a team of NOAA Ocean Exploration researchers.

The American organisation in charge of investigating the ocean and atmosphere.

NOAA Ocean Exploration, the U.S. government department tasked with ocean and atmospheric research, has revealed a startling find in the Atlantic Ocean's depths.

Exploration was underway on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a deformation zone in the North Atlantic Ocean, whose depths range from 700 metres to around 4500 metres, on July 23rd when the accident occurred. 

 As reported by NOAA Ocean Exploration, "many sub-linear sets of holes in the bottom silt" were discovered. Discovered at a depth of about 2,540 feet.

Because they were unsure of the origin of these holes, NOAA researchers shared photos of them on social media in an attempt to elicit more or less serious suggestions from the public.

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