Seeing Mother Swan's annual tradition of walking through a woman's home is just so heartwarming!

The customs of each family are distinct. Traditions cover the gamut, from putting on identical Christmas costumes to going to the same restaurant on your birthday every year. 

You either adore or loathe them, and there's no middle ground in this situation. 

 If there's one thing you can be sure of, the film you're going to see is a unique tradition. Who knew animals have their own customs and celebrations?

 Moreover, it's not even one he started. It's a swan's offspring! This mother swan has a ritual of waiting for her son to return home once a year. 

She and her swan youngsters follow him to the front entrance. It's very cute to watch them play about the home.

"They're accumulating information for the eventual takeover," she said in her response. LOL! 

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