Senate kills House assault weapons ban

The House voted Friday to prohibit assault rifles for the first time since 2004, signalling that Democrats would seek further gun violence prevention measures following a run of horrific murders.

The measure is unlikely to prevail in the equally divided Senate, where it would need at least 10 Republicans to beat a filibuster. Uncertain if all 50 Senate Democrats approve the plan.

Biden thanked House Democrats for adopting the package and encouraged the Senate to do same.

The Senate should "act expeditiously to send me this bill, and I won't stop fighting until it does."
House Democrats called for an assault weapons ban because of recent shootings using such weapon

Last Monday, the Judiciary Committee approved the legislation 25 to 18.
House Republicans said Friday the bill is illegal and Democrats want to seize guns.

The assault weapons prohibition would not apply to antiques, made-and-model-specific rifles and shotguns, and manually controlled guns.

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