Coconut milk shouldn't be canned!

Coconut milk is the creamy nectar of coconuts. Everyone can have canned milk, even if they don't reside in a coconut-rich location.

Not all recipes ask for a whole can of liquid to add to smoothies, stews, and curries. You shouldn't keep leftover coconut milk in the can.

Coconut milk is made by blending mature coconut meat with water and then squeezing the mixture through a cheesecloth.

Food-grade epoxy is used to line cans to prevent trace metal leaching. Some liners contain endocrine-disrupting Bisphenol-A. (BPA).

Epicurious states that many tins are BPA-free and that leaching won't occur until acidic foods are kept in the can for years.

So what's the real risk of keeping coconut milk in the can? Even though it's pretty safe to store it in the tin, the quality goes down a lot.

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