Signs of cancer

Overweight.The CDC links obesity to 13 forms of cancer. "Excess fat tissue creates an overproduction of blood and tissue components that might initiate or encourage tumour formation

Smoking. Anthony J. Alberg, PhD, MPH, states there are thousands of compounds in cigarette smoke. "More than 65 of them are known to cause cancer

Overdrinking.Alcohol enhances the risk of six types of cancer.  "People need to be aware of the possible dangers of alcohol to make informed decisions."

See a doctor if you have a cancer family history. Some people are born with a higher cancer risk than others, which relates to screening.

HPV-Cancer.The CDC warns that HPV causes cancer. Heavy drinking and smoking were considered the key risk factors for oropharyngeal cancer

Cancer symptoms.Unknown weight loss or increase.Unhealing wound.Chronic hoarseness or cough.Choking.indigestion.bowel or bladder changes.

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