Subtle Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Many of your favorite meals and beverages include added sugar, and it may be subtle. Small amounts of added sugar are normally innocuous, but high intake might cause health problems.

1. Weight gain

Gaining weight is one of the first symptoms that may present themselves in your body if you are consuming an excessive amount of sugar.

1. Weight gain

"Scale reading higher? Sugar may be to blame. High sugar may harm our microbiota and metabolism.

2. Chronic pain

Unfortunately, eating and drinking lots of sugary foods and drinks over time can cause pain in your body.

2. Chronic pain

"Too much added sugar may cause persistent discomfort and stiffness. This is because additional sugar creates inflammation in the body "best

3. Increased hunger

Sugary foods will make you feel hungry and want more, so it's important to pay attention to how full you feel after a meal.

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