Soccer guy detained on the field after viciously hitting female referee on the pitch

A Tirone was quickly seized and taken into custody by police after the incident. 

After being rushed to the hospital for many hours, Cortadi was discharged with just scratches and bruises, according to the New York Post, albeit she was still in pain.

Since then, she's taken legal action against Tirone, accusing him of the assault. 

Over the weekend, an Argentine soccer match descended into chaos when a player savagely hit an innocent female referee in the head from behind and was subsequently jailed on the charge.

 Cristian Tirone of Argentina's Club Deportivo Garmense was given a yellow card for a foul at midfield by referee Dalma Cortadi. In a matter of seconds, Tirone was enraged.

However, despite the best efforts of his comrades, Tirone ultimately broke free from his teammates and charged towards Cortadi.

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