Starbucks Exits Russia

Starbucks is the latest company to stop doing business in Russia, joining McDonald's and the Coca-Cola Company.

Starbucks had about 130 stores in Russia, while McDonald's had more than 800. Each of the 130 places was owned and run by a licensed partner.

But Starbucks has decided to leave and "no longer have a brand presence in the market." This means that those 130 stores will be closed.

Starbucks decried Russia's March airstrikes on Ukraine and said it would give Russian earnings to Ukrainian rescue efforts.

The Starbucks Foundation also gave $500,000 to the Red Cross and the World Central Kitchen to help with humanitarian efforts in the Ukraine.

Starbucks will continue to support its 2,000 "green apron partners" in Russia by paying them for six months and helping them find new jobs.

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