Stop Using Nonstick Pans!

Convenient? The answer is yes, I'm sure of it. Cooking with non-stick pans is a contemporary cooking wonder that is simple to use and much simpler to clean.

Today's non-stick pans will even roll sticky eggs or cheese off the surface, saving time cleaning up.

Cook's Illustrated recommends replacing outdated nonstick pans. Scratched or dented surfaces suggest the coating is peeling off and going into the food.

Additionally, Teflon is still created by non-US corporations and is still accessible on the market.

Teflon breaks down around 500 degrees Fahrenheit and emits gases that may induce flu-like symptoms in humans and kill pet birds with weak respiratory systems.

There are many of manufacturers that offer safe and convenient cookware. Affordability, durability, and ease of cleanup are just a few of the variables to consider.

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