Sugar-lowering snacks

Many people give in to between-meal cravings, which can raise blood sugar. Avantii Deshpaande, a gut health expert and nutritionist, recommends nutritious snacks for those with diabetes.

protein snacks.Dry snacks avoid surges and keep you full. Along with your sugar-free chai, try Makhanas, Moong Khakras, or namkeen made with almonds, roasted chana, or peanuts.

Healthy sweets.True. Not all sweets raise insulin. Sweets made with healthful fats like nuts and seeds and natural sweeteners like dates or dry figs won't raise glucose levels. 

Fruits are fantastic prebiotics for snacks. Instead of eating fruit alone, pair it with curds, nut butter, or almonds. This prevents sugar spikes from overripe fruit.

Inflammation triggers diabetes. Gut-healing microorganisms reduce inflammation. Curds have probiotic lactobacilli. As a snack, try Greek yoghurt or handmade curds with fruit. 

Heading 3

To avoid overeating at supper, office workers should bring a tiny piece of their morning breakfast with them. Overnight oats make a great snack. It's filling and nourishing.

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