How Does the Sun Affect Space Weather?

Our sun is a 93-million-mile-away enormous orb of hydrogen and helium. Its gravity holds the solar system together, and it provides Earth's energy and space weather.

Space weather describes circumstances and events between the sun, Earth, and beyond. Solar activity causes space weather, which may take many forms.

Space weather can sometimes affect our planet, causing problems with life and technology in space and on the ground.

Solar wind is a stream of energetic, charged particles emitted by the sun's outer atmosphere, or corona. This stream transmits the solar magnetic field across the solar system.

Solar wind and magnetic field inflate a "bubble" in interstellar material, called the "heliosphere." This area shows our star's effect.

In addition to the solar wind, active events on the sun blow forth massive amounts of material at greater speeds and temperatures. Solar flares and CMEs are examples.

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