Sunburn Remedies that Actually Work

Milk's pH, fat, and cool temperatures bring out burns. If you don't have enough milk to fill a basin, soak a towel in chilled milk and apply it to burns. 

"Keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized can reduce sunburn discomfort and speed recovery." Vaseline goes on better cold, so chill it for a few minutes. 

Sunburn causes an uncontrollable impulse to scrape peeling skin. A lukewarm bath helps relieve sunburn itching and pain. Add 1 cup of finely ground oats to bathwater and swirl to distribute. 

"For a finger or lip, dissolve one aspirin in cold water to produce a paste. Apply to area. After five minutes, rinse off the paste. Take one aspirin to relieve pain and inflammation as it absorbs.

Aloe is a well-known sunburn treatment. If you don't have aloe, there are several good kitchen replacements. Yogurt heals a damaged skin barrier. 

"Black tea contains tannic acid, which soothes skin and maintains pH. You may use chamomile tea bags or a towel compress to treat burns.

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