'Swallow With Care' And 'Chew Momos Properly'

Don't we all adore momos? Momo, a soft steamed flatbread filled with meat, vegetables, or paneer, is the epitome of pleasure.

Oh, and don't forget about the amazing momo chutney on the side! Have you started slurping yet? 

Let's agree that plates of momos can be had in no time. Did you realise that gulping momos without thoroughly chewing them can be dangerous?! 

 That's correct! After a man died after choking on a momo, the All India Institute Of Medical Sciences in Delhi issued a warning. 

In the journal Forensic Imaging, AIIMS has published a report explaining an unusual occurrence of a man dying after choking on a momo. He was in his fifties.

According to reports, the momo became trapped at the aperture of the windpipe during the post-mortem.

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