Signs You Take Too Many Medications

If you have two or more chronic diseases, such depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, congestive heart failure, or asthma, you probably take prescription drugs. 

Polypharmacy involves taking five or more prescription drugs, which may cause hazardous drug interactions. Polypharmacy means taking 10 or more drugs, prescriptions you don't need, duplicates.

In older persons, polypharmacy may induce medication toxicity, overdose, underdosing, falls that cause injuries, and hospitalizations.

However! You may need all of your meds after reading these articles. Talking to your doctor or pharmacist may help you remove some.

It's OK to have many physicians handling your issues. It may also suggest you're taking too many prescription prescriptions since one doctor may order a duplicate. 

Doctors can't advise you on medication interactions or propose modifications without knowing everything you take.

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