The 7-foot, 195-pound rookie for the Thunder seems like he could "burst out"

The Oklahoma City Thunder selected Chet Holmgren with the second overall choice.

Some people worry that Holmgren, who is 7 feet and 195 pounds, will get hurt playing in the NBA because of his unusually lanky build.

According to Marcus Elliott, the CEO of P3 Sports Science, Holmgren's cutting-edge biomechanics testing presents no safety issues.

Rarely are the dangers associated with an NBA draught prospect so obvious, as they are with Chet Holmgren.

The Oklahoma City Thunder selected the Gonzaga University player, 20, with the second overall choice in June. He stands 7 feet tall, weighs 195 pounds, and has a wingspan of 7 feet 6 inches.

He is extremely underweight and most likely taller than his NBA profile indicates because NBA big men frequently exaggerate how tall they are.

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