The Cutthroat Trade Every NBA Fanbase Hates to Think About

With stars such as Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell still floating around the trade market, there will be some heavy debates in NBA front offices and among fanbases.

Should we really part with Scottie Barnes to get KD? How many first-round picks is too many for Mitchell? What happens in Los Angeles if LeBron James doesn't sign a contract extension?

These questions will need to be answered either before the season begins or sometime during the 82-game grind.

All of these moves will create some uneasiness among fans but will undoubtedly have to be talked about soon.

From sacrificing young talent to chasing veteran help, entertaining trades for players before they hit free agency or parting with a franchise staple to get out of NBA purgatory

there are plenty of cutthroat trades out there that have to at least be considered.

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