The Earth is about to be hit by a Sun Storm.

Climate change and natural calamities like tsunamis and storms aren't enough for our world to handle; now a solar storm is on its way. 

 A "southern hole in the Sun's atmosphere" will produce "gaseous material." This will lead to a geomagnetic storm that will attack the Earth.

 The outermost atmosphere of the Sun is punctured by holes. More than one million miles per hour is the speed at which solar material erupts from this section of the Sun's atmosphere. 

However, based on the pace at which the Sun storm is moving toward us, the Earth's atmosphere is going to be able to absorb any solar material released from the Sun. 

Only a small amount of electrons will be disturbed at our poles because of the Earth's magnetic attraction.

 It's a plus that the storm is causing some light displays on Earth. When this solar debris collides with our globe, it produces the Northern Lights.

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