The flour from these items works well when preparing weight loss rotis.

Jowar Roti is free of gluten.It contains a lot of iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals.

It is advantageous for diabetes people as well as the heart.Mix one cup of jowar flour with one cup of boiling water to make this roti.

In Rajasthan and Maharashtra, where it is known as Bhakri, bajra roti is a common dish.

Iron, protein, folic acid, and fiber are all abundant in bajra flour, which helps to flush out toxins and regulate complex disorders like anemia, constipation, and obesity.

A healthy flour that is free of gluten and high in fiber, protein, and minerals is known as Amarnath or Rajgira.

Calcium and protein are abundant in ragi roti.
Ragi helps with digestion, boosts energy, and reduces weight.

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