The fortunate retailer that sold the winning Mega Millions ticket

Mega Millions ticket bought in Chicago suburb.Businesses get 1% of the prize in Illinois if they sell the winning ticket.

The victory is 'one of Mega Millions' largest, a lottery official said.The winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in a Chicago suburb, but the ticketholder isn't the only winner.

In Illinois, companies get 1% of the jackpot up to $500,000, 1% of winning ticket redemptions, and 5% of Instant Ticket and Draw game sales.

Fox Business confirmed Speedway's billion-dollar victory."I'm delighted an Illinoisan won," they said.In 2021, an Illinois shopkeeper sold a $56 million Mega Millions ticket and won $500,000.

Ohio Lottery Director Pat McDonald congratulated his neighbour, noting the advantages.

"We're pleased with one of Mega Millions largest jackpot victories. We can't wait to congratulate the winner. This spectacular jackpot run has boosted our member lotteries' charitable donations Adding

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