The Lakers have reportedly been contacted by NBA teams regarding a potential LeBron James trade, but the team is not interested.

In terms of the roster, it appears that nothing is set in stone for the Los Angeles Lakers. The most likely player to be traded is Russell Westbrook, 

but Anthony Davis' name has also come up in discussions about possible deals the team may make to get better.

Even LeBron James is not immune from discussions about this, despite the fact that he is essentially the leading guy.

Despite not yet displaying signs of ageing, James is nearing the conclusion of his career. LeBron wants to try and win a title or two, though, before old age catches up with him.

 And even if he ought to be playing for the Lakers, it would make sense if he moved once more to make that happen.

According to Marc Stein, clubs have contacted the Lakers about potential deals for LeBron, thus it appears that other teams share this belief.

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