The switch from Spotify to YouTube Music

Spotify premium includes plenty of fantastic added features and is worth the money. Pre-roll and mid-roll YouTube advertising may grow obnoxious fast. YouTube Premium removes advertisements. 

Good value.Family and student plans for YouTube Music and Spotify Premium cost the same. YouTube Premium costs $12 per month, $2 more than Spotify Premium or YouTube Music

YouTube has more covers, live events, and other video material than music streaming services. YouTube Music allows you play videos as music, add them to playlists, and download them.

YouTube Music makes checking listening history easy.Checking what songs you've been listening to may seem silly, but it's useful when you want to identify a song.

YouTube Music makes it simple to research artists and albums.Ever wanted to play a song but couldn't recall its name? Finding an artist is easy, right? Spotify makes that difficult. 

YouTube Music shuffles better.We don't know. People have long complained that Spotify playlists consistently play in the same sequence, regardless of device.

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