The 'unprecedented' emission of water vapour from the volcano heated the Earth.

"The vast quantity of water vapour is nearly 10 percent of the average amount of vapour found in the stratosphere.

Equivalent to more than 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools," NPR said.

There are chemicals involved "A caldera more than 12 miles across and 500 feet below sea level became the source of this eruption.

There had been reports of a 3-mile-wide cloud of steam and ash rising from the volcano the previous day. 

Then followed the big bang, which sent ash, gases, and vapour into the sky at a record-breaking height of 35 miles in the satellite age "as reported by NPR.

In 2022, a volcano erupted in the island nation of Tonga, which spewed masses of gas and ash into the skies. 

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