There are hundreds of unexploded World War I munitions sparked by wildfires, putting firefighters in risk.

According to accounts, a wildfire in Slovenia has ignited a slew of World War One-era munitions.

According to local media, there have been more than 500 detonations of unexploded munitions.

According to Vice World News, wildfires across Europe are igniting unexploded World War 1 explosives as a result of this year's abnormally hot weather.

More than 8,000 acres of agriculture have been burnt by a wildfire in Slovenia's southwest Kras area.

Many World War I-era explosives that had been dormant for more than a century have reportedly been detonated as a result.

Slovene EOD commander Darko Zonji informed local media that they've ceased calculating the amount of historical ordnances detonated because of the sheer volume.

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