Times Technology Went Bad

Science fiction features evil robots, death rays, and genetically created monsters. Entertainment is one way we psychically reckon with our relationship to technology.

Our technology goes crazy sometimes due to a flaw with the technology, malicious purpose, or user error. Technology isn't evil, but it can act that way.

Killer robots populate dystopian science fiction, from "Terminator" to "The Matrix." We imagine futuristic mechanised assassins, not 1970s manufacturing employees. Reality is weirder than fiction.

Machine learning is growing. Complex algorithms decide where to eat, what to watch, even which street to take in a traffic jam.

Automation increases mortality.As workplace automation increases, robots aren't the only public health risk. Demography describes how automation indirectly affects local death rates.

Cryptocurrency is a divisive topic. Either it's the future money, freeing us from centralised banking, or it's a scam taking advantage of those wanting to get rich quickly.

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