Today is the Bharat Bandh in protest against the Agneepath project.

Bharat Bandh Protest in New Delhi: The central government recently unveiled the Agnipath system for army recruiting, which has resulted in youths around the country protesting, vandalizing

and setting fires in the streets. Many states across the country, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh, have held violent protests against the Agneepath plan. 

Many organizations have called a Bharat Bandh for today, amid nationwide protests against the program (June 20)

Following the announcement of the Bharat Bandh, state police forces have begun to beef up their security systems. GRP and RPF have also geared up to prevent damage to the rails.

In the past, there have been violent demonstrations of numerous districts in Haryana in response to this movement. 

In such a situation, the Faridabad Police Department has toughened up its security system in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents during the Bharat Bandh.

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