Tom Cruise's, Katie Holmes' daughter debuts on the big screen.

Suri Cruise, Holmes' 16-year-old daughter, co-stars with her in the recently released film "Alone Together," in which Holmes, 43, also stars.

Holmes stated in a conversation with Yahoo! Entertainment, "I always want the best level of skill. Because she is so talented, I asked her to do it.

She agreed to record it, and I let her do it because that is how I usually direct: "This is what I think we all want; go do your thing."

In the movie, Suri performs a cover of "Blue Moon," which is heard throughout the movie's opening credits. According to Holmes, her daughter will perform on television more than once.

The movie we made last fall, "Rare Objects," featured her singing, according to Holmes. "Apart from that, she's a 16-year-old student attending high school."

From 2006 through 2012, Cruise and Holmes were married. Suri, their only child together, spent most of her upbringing away from the spotlight due to her parents' decision.

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